Large Scale Structure

Mixed Media

Dimentions Variable


Large Scale Structure is a fully immersive installation in which the viewer walks into a blackened room. An ambient and overwhelming sound fills the space, corresponding to the ratio of the first two energy levels of hydrogen. As ones eyes adjust to the darkened area, a web of string appears as a globe encasing the viewer. The string orb has filaments where many pieces of string run, and where one filament intersects another an area of increased string density is created. Around the filaments and their corresponding intersections, large voids are present where little or no string travels.


This mosaic created around the viewer is modeling the large-scale structure of the universe. The large scale structure is the result of slight fluctuations in temperature during the big bang, and is responsible for the universe as we know it. Dark matter and light matter, which makes galaxies, gather along the threads. Where these intersect a super-dense region of the universe is created. Additionally, parts of the universe lack matter, corresponding to the voids in the installation.