Chaos I

Steel, Wheels

23' tall


Chaotic systems appear in many parts of our natural world, including planetary orbits, turbulence in fluids, and certain fractals. Chaotic systems border on the edge of our understanding of the physical world. They can be characterized, we can even say how chaotic something may be, but we cannot predict its movement. With chaos, we see limits on our ability to fully describe deterministic systems.


The double pendulum, a chaotic system, consists of a pendulum attached to a fixed surface, such as a wall, and a second pendulum attached to the free end of the first pendulum. The lower pendulum effects the swing of the upper pendulum and vice versa, giving rise to its chaotic nature.

This particular pendulum hangs twenty-three feet tall, and consists of brightly colored bike wheels. Once the user puts the pendulum in motion, the bike wheels can be spun or left still for different visual effects.