A Chaotic Affair

Burning Man and Symbiosis, 2013

A collaboration with David Wright, Luke Wilson, Calen Barca-Hall and Isaac Blackwood

Steel, Magnets, Solar Panel, Lights

42' tall, 30' base


"A Chaotic Affair" is a participatory installation, which engages the user by offering an exploration of chaos. It consists of a 42’ pendulum, suspended by a steel pyramidal tripod. As one approaches, colorful paint suggests play, while the gentle ambling of the rigid pendulum pushed by the wind inspires curiosity. The pendulum has a magnetic base, capable of pulling 450 pounds. Similar magnets are laid across the ground, and the pendulum bounces, turns, slows, and slingshots while navigating that magnetic field.


Pushing the pendulum increases its chaotic movements, further engaging the audience. A platform at the base of the pendulum can be mounted as a carnival ride, allowing for the direct experience of chaos.